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Holy & Schultz’s civil litigation practice is broad with extensive depth in complex disputes. Holy & Schultz represents individuals, companies, business organizations and insurance entities in civil litigation including: 


* Breach of fiduciary duties for Directors and Officers 

* Breach of warranties (express and implied) 

* Breach of contract claims 

* Insurance coverage disputes relating to horizontal exhaustion of primary coverage and targeted tenders of defense and indemnity 

* Bad faith insurance coverage disputes 

* Non-compete agreement disputes 

* Fraud claims 

* False Claims Act 

* Illinois Consumer Fraud & Deceptive Practices Act disputes 

* Illinois Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act disputes 

* Invasion of privacy claims 

* Defamation claims 

* Tortious interference with business relations disputes 

* Fair Labor Standards Act disputes 

* Temporary restraining orders, and other injunctive relief 


At Holy & Schultz, we evaluate and communicate the case value/exposure early, develop a resolution strategy, and execute that plan in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Clients are appreciative of our proactive approach to resolve each complex civil litigation matter.

Holy&Schultz represents in civil litigation cases
Civil Litigation
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